Agency 42 is an advertising agency with a global presence. We thrive on delivering the best quality ads at the lowest cost to our clients. 

We focus on coming up with the idea and executing it through TV commercials, digital, graphic design and animation. 

Our team has many years of advertising experience. Every individual in our team has a wealth of experience in their field and they’ve worked in major advertising and design agencies or TV production companies. Now they’re working for us, a simpler and more nimble solution that lines up the most suitable talent to match your needs. We have over a hundred creatives in our team.

In many instances we use the same creatives that the big agencies use. The big difference is that with Agency 42, you don't pay for massive overheads. We believe the quality of our team is where the money should go, not in fancy offices. Low overheads equals cost savings for our clients. 

Advertising needs to deliver results, it’s not just for fun. We ensure a focus on understanding your requirements and target market, nailing the brief and equally as importantly, meeting your budget.

We’ll push the boundaries in our search for the best for you. And we’ll do it with flair and style. We’re only happy when you are.

So what else can you ask for; great ads without spending an arm and a leg. That’s our guarantee.

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Some of our thoughts on Twitter...

When it came to naming our company there was only one answer – 42… the answer to life, the universe and everything. *

* Hint: Read The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – or watch the movie if that's more your thing.